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Since 2003, a team of archaeologists excavates one of the most important metallurgic and mining site of the Pyrenees.

This work is lead by Florian Téreygeol, researcher at the archeomaterials research institute. It gets together researchers with various skills, allowing to enlighten the iron and non-ferrous metals (Ag, Pb, Cu) production systems between the thirteenth and the sixteenth centuries.

The site gather together mines, ores preparation workshops, an hydraulic forge, a ore-mill, a non-ferrous workshop and a castel.
Geographic location of the Castel-Minier archeologic site

Excavation is on-going. It takes place each year under the framework of national archaeological program. Informations are available on le site du Ministère de la Culture

The last field campaign took place from the 3th to the 29th of August 2015.