The mine

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In the South-East of Aulus-les-Bains, the former mining work are divided into several districts at the foot of the Pouech peak, and into left and right riverbanks of Garbet :
  • Lauqueille and
  • the Ouels in the East,
  • Pouech in the center,
  • the Raspes in the West.
Another district is further east defined, in the Peak of Argentières.

The mines of the Garbet valley are digged in deposits in carbonated paleozoic grounds, close to the granitic massif of Bassiès. These concentrations of different ore appear under the shape of stratiform or vein form. They are distributed according to the schistosity and to the fracturing of tectonic origin. In a simplistic way, a preconcentration of sulphides seems to have occurred at the end of the hercynien cycle in the limestone formations of the Devonian age. The major tectonic events of the Pyrenean phase allowed the mineralization to concentrate as well as the implementation of various networks of veins and lodes. The Aulus valley is limited to the South by the Pyrenean North fault, the zone of major fracturing separating the axial zone of the north-Pyrenean zone where are the grounds of paleozoic age with Mesozoic era. Except the Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, the sector also includes copper indications and especially tungsten (deposit of Salau).

At present the archaeological researches concentrate on Les ouels site (TB 0, TB 13 and Ancient shaft.