TraversBanc 13

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We began the cleaning of the fault-bench 13. The short-term objective is not to open a new access. We only wish to study in a parallel to the ancient shaft, this mining work taking support on a crossing-vein. First of all, we assured a clearing of the gallery on 15 m of length. This gallery, in its air part, results directly in the torrent so that every rising water brings its bundle of sediment. In addition to that there is the colluvion of slope and the accumulations of plant fragments.
Once, the finished clearing, we insured an exhaustive photographic covering with the aim of a 3D reproduction of this space to propose a reproduction of this gallery roof loading system. Indeed, both walls are marked out by beams imprints. We also note in the entrance of the gallery a system of notches very similar to the one observed at the level of the well of the Formers. We stopped clearing on the most recent archaeological level. It is a rail-road which testifies of the re-use of this gallery during the modern exploitation.
Travers Banc (?) n°13